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Plot: 7 people are forced to live in an abandoned high school during the zombie apocalypse. While there, they begin to document their lives on camera.
The zombies are outside and unaware of the survivors; the survivors are safe from them, at least for the time being... but for how long? And are they safe from each other?

This was shot over the course of a year and a half, entirely in my high school on weekends. There was no crew. I wrote the script when I was 16, and finished shooting when I was 18. I hope you enjoy it.

Check out the first movie set in this world, Evidence.
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Trailer for Surviving Evidence:
The test trailer I shot before actually beginning production on the movie:
And a short film I made almost three years later!
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This isn't my primary channel. I created it so that I could host something of this length, but if you want to see some of my other stuff, head on over here:

Directed/Written/Edited by Avishai Weinberger

Daniel Bodenheim
Ida Stein
Gabe Korn
Shimi Savitt
Alex Weider
Kayla Bashe
Sara Weintrob

Music by Asia Mei (

Executive Producers:
Mitchell Abdullah
Dennis Ahmer
Gil Bashe
Flo Bors
Stephen Cordova
Mel Fabi
Michael Garlick
Eric Gobet (please ignore my egregious spelling error in the credits)
Joel Goldschlag
Alexander C. Guilbert
Jordan Downey
Jeff Hammer
Zombie Informer
Charlotte Kaufman
Lyon Kuralapnik
Beatriz Lopez
Ben McFarland
David A Oakes
Don Pattee
Dean Poynor
Mikhael Smits
Ethan Stein
Bob Wasson
Andrew Weiss
Douglas Wood
Monica Wyche
Erick von Schulz
Marshon Tomas
Steven Yerxa

Shot in the Ramaz Upper School

*The person in the background at 6:08 is, in fact, Ida Stein playing Elaine, playing basketball.

And the sound cuts out towards the end on purpose.
I post this because so many people have asked!

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