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This is the full feature film, Cost of the Living: A Zom Rom Com.
Produced by LTJFilms and Directed by Daniel Lee White.
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Cost of the Living: A Zom Rom Com was originally shot in 2010, screened in 2011 and spent much of 2012 at festivals around the country.

It was a project of passion and a dream of the director (Daniel Lee White) to complete his first feature film. With only a budget of $7,000 USD, 18 days of principal photgraphy and over 300 people helping and donating either their time or money we were able to complete a fantastic film.

Since the project was such a low budget and while we have terrific talent in the film, we had no big names and no connections, we have not gotten a distribution offer. But we did want people to see the film, so we have decided to be risky, daring... and possibly stupid... and released it online for a very limited time for free.

So please enjoy this film with such great stars as Kevin Killavey, Sarah Nicklin, Spencer Emanuel, Gio Castellano, Cat Miller, Samantha Acampora, Ken Breese, Sarah Mclean, Erin M. Olsen and many, many more!

Here is a list of awards this films has won:
Best Feature: 2012 Zed Fest
Best Actor (Spencer Emanuel): 2012 Zed Fest
Best Supporting Actress (Cat Miller): 2012 Zed Fest
Audience Award for Best Feature: 2012 SENE Music & Arts Festival
Best Regional Feature: 2012 SENE Music & Arts Festival
Best "Zomedy" Comedy: 2012 Detroit Windsor Film Festival
Official Selection: 2013 Israel Annual Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention
Official Selection: 2012 Boston International Film Festival
Official Selection: 2012 Rhode Island Comic Con
Official Selection: 2012 Late Night Horror Film Festival

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