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Plot Outline:
After a deadly bloodborn disease causing death and reanimation of corpses is released by the remnants of the former USSR, the world is brought to its knees. A Mechanic, Air-Traffic Controller, and two Shopowners navigate the ruins of post-apocalyptic North America in a search for an escape from the madness but are plunged into its very heart. These once regular citizens do whatever it takes to survive the Rise of the Undead.

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I wrote the initial script for Rise of the Undead in 2010, but set it aside until I believed I was ready to undertake the massive process that is creating an amateur feature length movie. I began the preproduction process in the summer of 2011, gathering props and refining the script with the help of my friend Dietrich Hanson, who appears in the film as Adam. In January of 2012, we began filming the movie. This process of filming and edit took almost exactly one year to produce the final cut of 70 minutes which appears here. Several scenes had to be cut from the movie, and one had to be reworked in order to meet our deadline of January 19th, 2013, almost exactly one year after filming had begun. The movie was shown at a local theater as a special event, bringing in over 100 viewers and $450+ dollars which were donated to the theater.

Please note that this is an amateur and privately funded movie; what I did not pay for was generously donated by one of the parties listed in the films credits. This is also my first attempt and it is by no means a fabulous movie, but for a Sophomore in High School with limited rescources, I think its okay. Enjoy, and there will be more to come in the near future. :-)